Show Review: Retox, HowDareYou, Terrorshark

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It’s an exciting (read: RARE) day for me when a band I like comes through town. Retox has been on my radar since Justin Pearson announced they were giving away a free EP last year. The 8-songs on that 7-minute EP (you read that right) were a welcome burst of speedy hardcore-punk to my ears, and I was excited they would be in Santa Cruz.

dsc_0054editTerrorshark started the night off with some ultra-fast hardcore, but had some interesting tempo changes. I especially liked the doomier tones. Definitely liked the distorted bass. If these guys can keep the gaps between their songs shorter than their actual songs, they may be able to gain some live momentum. Here’s a hint guys, you don’t ACTUALLY need to tune your guitars every 30 seconds. That said, they definitely have the chops to move forward, and I look forward to the sound that develops.

dsc_0168editHowDareYou (<– click for video) setup sideways, obviously comfortable in the room. Between the lead singers playful antagonizing of the audience, the guitarists tremolo heavy playing, and the drummers enduro drumming, this was a set I enjoyed! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to belly-dance or headbang, but I definitely did both while wanting to hug some sweaty men with mullets.

There was a heavy dose of humor in their set, and I really appreciated the way these guys handled themselves with a certain humble nonchalance.

dsc_0453editRetox headlined and were, as expected, excellent. It can be such a relief to hear a band whose transitions are already worked out, approach the material with enough confidence to perform, and have the gaul to inject what they’re playing with honest intensity. I did notice a new song in the set, which was nice to hear, but mostly they stuck to their debut album (“Ugly Animals” on Ipecac).

Lastly, can I just say the crowd was killer! Fantastic to be a part of an enthusiastic audience. Awesome show, enjoy the pictures, and support your local music scene!

P.S. There was a fourth band who played, but like my momma used to say:
“If you can’t say anything nice…”


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  1. “There was a third band who played, …” -you mean fourth band…

  2. Indeed, I did mean Fourth…