Review: HowDareYou

Don’t even bother reading if you are easily offended…

HowDareYou said they were recording their EP on Thursday. It was uploaded by Friday, and I finally got a chance to listen to it on Sunday. Having just heard their set on May 24th, all of this material is relatively fresh in my mind, and the EP is remarkably accurate to their live show sound.

The Cock Fights at Storage Locker City EP is everything I could ask for from a DIY band birthing their first set of recordings to the world. Recorded on a 4-Track cassette, this is certainly quick and dirty production, but everything you want to hear is there (unless you want to hear any of the drums below the belt).

Review: HowDareYou - Cock Fights at Storage Locker EP

Speaking of below the belt, how about that cover art eh! Enough pen0rs for you, eh? About what you’d expect from a band calling what they do power-violence, eh. (we can argue about the lack of electronics incorporated into their music later)

Now, the only thing to describe is the music! Well, really, we’re describing what the guitar sounds like and the speed of the drums. We’re looking at octave-harmonized guitar tones, pitch shifting, and extremely fast tempos. Not technical-death-metal tempos; more like noise-core tempos. Guitarist Matthew Wilson holds my attention best when he’s just riding that whammy-bar, but even their most abrasive tracks (‘Welcome to Rape City’) have melodic lines that grab your attention between onslaughts. There’s definitely some ‘core’ in there (see ‘Now Leaving Rape City’), but you have to work for the breakdowns, like it should be.

Drummer Garin Rosen is rarely allowed to let up, and ‘Thee Old City’ is a great example of the dynamics this band is capable of within 58 seconds. With only one other band member to play off of, Garin both complements and expands their sound, and he makes it looks easy. This could have easily become oompa-oompa punk simplicity, but Rosen takes it into the best of hard/grindcore.

Matthew McClain is ranting about something, but other than the quick break in ‘Butt Fuck City’ where he says “I’ll fuck anything that walks”, I’m not too sure what he’s all about. I can tell you that he’s a fantastic antagonist during their live sets, and resembles that mulletted guy in the trailer park wearing only one sock on COPS.

So give this shit a listen if you’re even slightly interested in The Locust, Melt-Banana’s guitarist, getting the metal out of grind-core, Some Girls, and care more about accelleration and impression than intelligability. It’s about time SC had some dangerous music!

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