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Interview: Tim Strouss (Part I)

dsc_0045I was very pleased to interview Tim Strouss as a start to the blog, because he was a direct inspiration on me even starting this thing.

Tim is an artist living in Santa Cruz, who paints in the abstract-expressionist style. Perception, experience, psychology and emotion are very important aspects of art and art criticism, and Tim’s story is a fascinating look at each.

So Tim, can you give us the story of your life, briefly…?

Where to begin… Well, I wont give my entire life story, as it were, but at age 29 I had a couple of brain surgeries, that the second one put me in a wheel chair. Effectively, it, not completely, but partially paralyzed my left hand side. My leg, my arm and what not.

Formerly I was pretty active, I had done construction pretty much my entire life and, you know, I’d get home from work and I would go to the gym. And I pretty much did this every day. I knew that I was capable of… if I wanted something I just walked away and got it. I could walk around, obviously, I was perfectly able bodied. That lent itself to a sense of doing what I want. I’d wake up in the morning and say ‘Oh, I want to do this today’, and I’d go do it (more…)

Above the Storm


About 2 years ago, Justis and I had a conversation about how to start a band. My advice (which I rarely take myself) was to start deciding on a name, producing a website, writing songs and recording whatever elements he could himself. If you build it, they will come. There is so much work to be done, that if you can start to do that work before you find the right people (which is the hard part) you’re that much further ahead. (more…)

The Call of Content

It seems it is impossible to live where I live (Santa Cruz, CA) and not be involved in art in some way, shape or form. As a graphic designer, web developer, graffiti enthusiast, photography hobbyist, guitarist and sometime performer, I’ve gotten to know a host of people in this town with similar interests.

The Call of Content

Art by Blaise Rosenthal

I’ve wondered how to incorporate all of these people into a single project. Some way for me to innitiate a world takeover with my personal connections. Well, this is a start toward that world takeover. It’s time to give, rather than take, that’s how it begins.

So I’m calling for content. I’ll admit it, I’m a lazy person. It’s because I’m so busy, it’s hard to find the time to find the people to do something that is merely a personal project.

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