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Review: HowDareYou

Don’t even bother reading if you are easily offended…

HowDareYou said they were recording their EP on Thursday. It was uploaded by Friday, and I finally got a chance to listen to it on Sunday. Having just heard their set on May 24th, all of this material is relatively fresh in my mind, and the EP is remarkably accurate to their live show sound.

The Cock Fights at Storage Locker City EP is everything I could ask for from a DIY band birthing their first set of recordings to the world. Recorded on a 4-Track cassette, this is certainly quick and dirty production, but everything you want to hear is there (unless you want to hear any of the drums below the belt). (more…)

First Friday Picks 6/12

First Friday is tomorrow! After looking through the various shows, I’ve picked my favorites.


Wallflower Boutique – Katie Cater – New Work
Black and white prints, looks promising…

Pure Pleasure- Charles Berger
If you want to trip out, check out his photos from Brady’s Yacht Club!

Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios – Precious on the Edge
Here at theSCAB, we like photography, and we like Rock and Roll. This is photography about Rock and Roll… so we like it.

True Olive Connection – Karen Banuelos
Check out the photography, eat the food!


Stripe MEN: Gina Tuzzi – You’ve Got it Bad Girl
Just go to the site, you’ll understand…

Leeds Gallery – Ed Smiley
Psychadelic watercolors, so come by and have a seizure with me!

Faust Salon and Spa- Cristina Sayers
This looks pretty rad. I like the approach using  pastel, acrylic paint and chinese-paper.

Heros & Zeros – Justin Angelos

Before I say anything, I have to admit; I’m not a fan of collage. It isn’t that I don’t think found images can be art, even high art. I suspect it has to do with my position on the autism spectrum.

Texture is just one of those areas where I am extremely picky. Once you start glueing three-dimensional objects to a canvas or board, you’ve usually lost me.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find that Justin Angelos’ show, Heros and Zeros at Stripe Men, won me over. (more…)

Photography Tuesdays

This week, our first Photography Tuesday, features a photo from Rasilind Berks.


You can see more of Rasilind’s work at her website:

Show Review: Retox, HowDareYou, Terrorshark

It’s an exciting (read: RARE) day for me when a band I like comes through town. Retox has been on my radar since Justin Pearson announced they were giving away a free EP last year. The 8-songs on that 7-minute EP (you read that right) were a welcome burst of speedy hardcore-punk to my ears, and I was excited they would be in Santa Cruz. (more…)

Interview: Jesse Cotu Williams

If you haven’t heard of Jesse Williams, you haven’t been paying attention. The guy is an institution in the Santa Cruz music scene, and he was hungry enough to respond to a little nothing blog for an interview. (Artists, if you aren’t hungry, you aren’t moving anywhere.) He’s generous, and had some valuable things to say. (All-Ages!)


dsc52179068-x2So Jesse, you’re in 3-4 bands, handle booking for multiple venues, and tirelessly promote all of it. Can you fill us in on how you got to where you are today?

Wow, that sounds like a lot!

I’m in The Backup Razor, A Thousand Shall Fall, the Cabrillo choir and an unnamed acoustic cover group… and sometimes my friends let me play with them. But I consider myself to be in two bands.
If one of my friends asks for help booking or promoting an event I do whatever I can. But I only officially book at The Blue Lagoon and not every event.

I run Morketiden Productions which is just a name that I can use to promote for any band at any venue without having to worry about anything.

To answer your question, twelve years ago I was about to graduate high school and the only thing that I enjoyed was music (more…)

How It Started

This blog is not about me. I’ve restarted this post four times now, because it’s been all about me and what I think and how I feel. It’s not that it isn’t important, it’s just that you’d be bored to read it all.

So lets talk about what motivated me to start this blog.

This whole idea is something that has been germinating for nearly a year now; ever since I watched Beautiful Losers. The documentary is about a bunch of skaters in NYC in the 90s. They begin hanging out in an empty store-front being rented by a guy who doesn’t know what he wants to do with the space. As they smoke, drink and talk together, they realize they also do graffiti or traditional painting, and over time this empty store-front becomes a gallery space. (This whole narrative may not be correct, but it is vital to my conclusions) (more…)

Interview: Rasilind Berks

I first met Rasilind Berks about five years ago, when we worked in the sales department for a travel company. Since then, we’ve both left that career path for more creative freedom.

So Ras, I don’t think we’ve spoken in person since working in the same sales office, how have you been?

For the last four years I have worked at Bay Photo Lab as customer service and technical support for professional photographers. Becoming more of an avid photographer myself while working in this environment, I finally invested in what I like to call my ‘big girl’ camera. (more…)

Live: Above the Storm

A friend recently told me that my blog wasn’t ‘bloggy’ enough. He was even friend enough to call the first feature on Above the Storm ‘boilerplate’.

Well, if I’m honest, I was trying to be nice to a friend, whose band played their first show, and who I was so busy photographing I didn’t truly absorb or digest any of the music. I try to promote, but I’m also known for blunt honesty. (correct me in the comments section if I’m wrong)

Well, when Above the Storm played the Blue Lagoon on Wednesday night (May 16th), I had decided in advance to be firm but fair. I don’t want to dis friends, but I’ve tried too hard to be a genuine person to give that up now.

Above the Storm - Travis


Interview: Tim Strouss (Part II)

Part two of our interview with Tim Strouss…

Are there any paintings in particular that stand out to you as having either more meaning or being a big jumping off point? Maybe you learned something new?

dsc_0065Yeah, I’m sure there are. If I could go back and recount all the different things I’ve done I could probably say, ‘Oh yeah, this here had meaning because it correlates to this.’ I can’t think of anything right now.

Something I’ve learned just recently, in that I don’t know anything about art, I’m learning about the basic principles of art; which is contrast and what not, and texture. There’s one that I just did where I made swirls of texture with the paint using a different instrument and then I contrasted it with straight chalk lines. That’s really what it is, I’m learning the basics. I’m learning about contrast and balance and composition. (more…)