Live: The McCoy Tyler Band

One thing we do for good friends, is make exceptions; try new things. Clinton Brown is something of a legend in my mind; the consumate professional. While my band, An Officer and Two Gentlemen, was recording, Clinton was one-taking compositions with tempo and time-signature changes. (I was endlessly tracking feedback overdubs) We lost touch with each other until about two weeks ago, due to travel, children and a host of other excuses. He told me his new band was playing a cd release show at Don Quixotes in Felton.

This is where the exception comes in. If you know me personally, or read this blog at all, you know I write about, and listen to primarily heavy music. If there’s an acoustic guitar involved, it better be for one song only. The McCoy Tyler Band is an amalgamation of styles I am not prepared to critique based on my ignorance of the genres. That said, I was very impressed with this band!

dsc_0229 What surprised me the most was the range of their set. From the jammy portions of Turn North, the warm empathy of Far Away, to the upbeat stomp of Outta Money their set never disappointed. The crowd, particularly  was of the dancing variety, and they got exactly what they wanted.

McCoy Tyler, if that is indeed his name, pulled riffs from his guitar, like the virtuoso he must be, and sang songs that were equal parts modern and traditional, earthy and profane. To see him matched with Chad Bowen on standup-bass and Clinton on drums, each providing their share of three-part harmonies, was exactly what these songs needed. Check out their website for samples of their new album.

All that, and I got to take some pictures I’m very proud of. Enjoy!

The McCoy Tyler Band
Official Website

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