Live: Son of Aurelius and Inanimate Existence

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August 29th was a very bad day for me. I don’t mean a spilled coffee, got flipped off in traffic kind of day. I mean, a loved one who lives far away had unexpected, serious surgery kind of day. I had the option to go to a show at the Catalyst, or stay home and do… what?

Inanimate Existence is a band some friends had been telling me about for months. I knew they were Technical Death Metal, with atmospheric passages, and their drummers kick was faster than most automatic weapons. The name Inanimate Existence brings to mind the book Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, in particular a passage where the titular character enters into a Buddhist meditation contemplating a dead coyote on the side of the road. That’s pretty metal. So I was hoping to go see a band fuck shit up, and pummel me senseless.

Check out this song to follow along.

IE played an hour of meditative, grinding brutality that was exactly what I needed that night. I seem to remember the song Transcendent Absorption (linked above) being a favorite, and it’s a great example of how the band incorporates some grind and breakdowns into their technical onslaught.

Son of Aurelius headlined, and I particularly enjoyed the frontmans stage presence. Maybe it was the Mr. Bungle t-shirt, or the way he made eye contact with the crowd, but his charisma went a long way. Their brand of melodic soloing, and aversion to chords, is not really my thing, but they deserve every ear they get. Did I mention their bassist plays a fretless electric!

Inanimate Existence plays in San Jose on October 4th.

Son of Aurelius is prepping their new album.

And thanks guys. Really.

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