Live: Above the Storm

A friend recently told me that my blog wasn’t ‘bloggy’ enough. He was even friend enough to call the first feature on Above the Storm ‘boilerplate’.

Well, if I’m honest, I was trying to be nice to a friend, whose band played their first show, and who I was so busy photographing I didn’t truly absorb or digest any of the music. I try to promote, but I’m also known for blunt honesty. (correct me in the comments section if I’m wrong)

Well, when Above the Storm played the Blue Lagoon on Wednesday night (May 16th), I had decided in advance to be firm but fair. I don’t want to dis friends, but I’ve tried too hard to be a genuine person to give that up now.

Above the Storm - Travis

About a minute into the first song, my first impression was ‘Holy shit their frontman can scream!’ I can be an understanding person, and the house-show about a month ago, being their first, was something I took with a pinch of salt. Travis (the frontman) made a 100% improvement within a month, and was by far the most intense thing on that stage. I was very impressed, and I told him so.

The overall stage-presence of the band is something that I expect to grow. Jeff treats his drumset like a whipping boy, and he wears it on his face. Devin is very confident with his place on bass and death-growls, and the rhythm section seems very strong. Justis and Adam on rhythm and lead guitars, respectively, offer plenty of melody, harmony and chug, but I expect that their stoic approach to performance (concentrating?) will expand and evolve. Granted, part of what I dislike about metal shows is the lack of whirling dervishes and bloodied instruments (not prop blood), but I do think the bands stage-presence will grow more intentional over time.

The set was tight, and aside from lead-guitarist Adam being almost inaudible due to equipment limitations (I feel for you), went off without a hitch. The fact that I don’t identify as a metal-head, and that I’m not a huge fan of heavily-melodic music, makes it difficult to judge a melo-death-metal bands compositions. That said, I definitely enjoyed the tones, volume and timbre of the compositions. I even got faked out a couple of times, which is always nice.

So if you are looking for a band to champion; to learn to love from its inception, look no further than your front door and come out to a show!

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