How It Started

This blog is not about me. I’ve restarted this post four times now, because it’s been all about me and what I think and how I feel. It’s not that it isn’t important, it’s just that you’d be bored to read it all.

So lets talk about what motivated me to start this blog.

This whole idea is something that has been germinating for nearly a year now; ever since I watched Beautiful Losers. The documentary is about a bunch of skaters in NYC in the 90s. They begin hanging out in an empty store-front being rented by a guy who doesn’t know what he wants to do with the space. As they smoke, drink and talk together, they realize they also do graffiti or traditional painting, and over time this empty store-front becomes a gallery space. (This whole narrative may not be correct, but it is vital to my conclusions)

As I watched, I began to think. Am I an artist within my group of contacts, or am I the gallery owner? I know too many people, doing too much cool shit to not do something that gets them more exposure. Maybe I actually am the only one who sees what’s going on; it’s about time I started telling people about it.

And expect more personality in the articles to come. Definitely expect more punk music, graffiti art, abstract-expressionism, metal, outsider art, lowbrow art, photography and show reviews. Definitely expect me to promote my friends, and to tell you when I think they’re falling short. Definitely look forward to hearing about artists you haven’t encountered before.

One Response to “How It Started”

  1. HA! I LOVED that movie, and was inspired to move on it as well. What I loved most about the movie and you, is that they/you don’t wait on things to happen, or for the perfect time to do something, but they/you just do it!! Bring us More!