Live: Siren Solstice, Feed Me Jack

When it comes to music, I am a snob and a critic. I like jazz, but hate 98% of it. I also like indie-rock, but only about 5% of what I hear. I like most genres, but if I’m honest, I think that 95% of all the music being recorded is derivative and not worth [...]

Live: The Wild, You Blew It! and The Front Bottoms

I was nervous heading to The Crepe Place for what I thought was going to be an indie/folk show. My fears were assuaged while I was waiting in line, chatting with Annie about who she was there to see. The Front Bottoms are a punk band? *relief washes over me* So with my hopes renewed, [...]

我畫畫 – Amy Estrada

You missed a loud little event last Friday. Or maybe you didn’t, but most likely you did if you run in my circle of friends. You see, Friday night there was a show that was entirely DIY, entirely warm and inviting, and entirely successful, as far as I can tell. Having never even heard of [...]

Live: Son of Aurelius and Inanimate Existence

August 29th was a very bad day for me. I don’t mean a spilled coffee, got flipped off in traffic kind of day. I mean, a loved one who lives far away had unexpected, serious surgery kind of day. I had the option to go to a show at the Catalyst, or stay home and [...]

Live: The McCoy Tyler Band

One thing we do for good friends, is make exceptions; try new things. Clinton Brown is something of a legend in my mind; the consumate professional. While my band, An Officer and Two Gentlemen, was recording, Clinton was one-taking compositions with tempo and time-signature changes. (I was endlessly tracking feedback overdubs) We lost touch with [...]

Show Review: The Men, Skin Like Iron, DNF and Destruction Unit

Highlights: • Destruction Unit’s on-stage antics • Seeing the frontman of DukeNukemForever get body-checked into an amp • Getting spit on during The Men’s intense set This June 25th show was on my calendar for a couple of months, but it wasn’t until a week before the show that it was announced this would be [...]

Show Review: The Backup Razor, Benedict Arnold and Trashkannon

When I heard that The Backup Razor was playing a show for their 5th anniversary as a band, I thought I had better get down to the Blue Lagoon to check it out. I mean, I had just interviewed Jesse, and realized I had never seen TBR play. Plus, somebody had to document the momentous [...]

Show Review: Retox, HowDareYou, Terrorshark

It’s an exciting (read: RARE) day for me when a band I like comes through town. Retox has been on my radar since Justin Pearson announced they were giving away a free EP last year. The 8-songs on that 7-minute EP (you read that right) were a welcome burst of speedy hardcore-punk to my ears, [...]