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Eric Michael Profile phototheSCAB is about promoting the art that seems to go unnoticed in Santa Cruz, at least that’s how Eric sees it.

theSCAB is curated by Eric Michael.

Eric has been involved in various artistic endeavors around Santa Cruz, California; most notably with his band An Officer and Two Gentlemen.

He plays the electric guitar (horribly), develops websites, designs graphics, photographs and promotes his friends when he likes what they do.

All of this has given him the unique perspective of a critic with too much interest in what is given little to no exposure, capital or praise. That might be abstract painting, outsider or lowbrow art, street art, punk music, black-metal, noise music or even designers and photographers who stand above the clogged industries they represent.

With any luck, not only will you find out about the art/music shows worth attending in Santa Cruz, you will find limited edition prints and special offers from the artists themselves.

What is most important to me, though, is developing an appreciation for true artists, the art they create and its value in our lives.

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